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If you’re a fan of the Shadow Fight series, then you are expecting the release of Shadow fight 3 on November 16th of 2017. Shadow fight enthusiasts, love about deep combat, 2D silhouette graphics, and impressive animations. The 2D silhouette is not going to be anymore, well we are talking about 3D graphics.

Nekki’s Shadow Fight 3 comes with 3D graphics. From the Shadow fight 3 trailer, we can conclude that it’s almost movie like quality. From the trailer we can see, there aren’t shadows anymore, but to keep the trade mark art style Nekki’s developers won’t completely abandon the shadow fighters art style. So the game will still include several shadow characters or mode. And there is a shadow fighting mode if you want to play the game in predecessor style.

At the same time, they don’t want to compromise on the latest technology to provide more realistic and colorful game to players. How the change will affect the player is yet to know. In Shadow Fight 3 Nekki developer’s tries to blend RPG (Role play gaming) with character customization system and fighting action game.

Shadow Fight 3 is a nail-biting mix of classical Fighting, RPG, and intrusive storytelling. This game lets you equip your character with rare armor sets and many lethal weapons, features movie like-animated Martial Arts techniques. Humiliate demon bosses, Crush your enemies, and be the one to close the Gate of Shadows.

What’s new in Shadow fight 3

  • Dynamic Quest
  • Deep character customization
  • A thrilling new story line
  • High-resolution 3D character and environment art
  • Exciting action and natural movements of the fighters, as rendered by the studio’s proprietary animation engine, Cascadeur.

Gameplay of Shadow Fight 3

According to Game play, you will have three factions to choose Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds with each having varying fighting styles, unique power, and a different quest.


The Legion is a military camp. Their motto is simple just to eliminate shadow energy from the world and prevent from reemergence. Their ideology is willing to make a sacrifice for the sake of humankind, give no apologies or explanations for their actions, they accept no weakness. The Legionaries follow the strict law of the army, valuing dedication, subordination, and will above anything else. A true legionary is on who rejects all weakness on his or her way to becoming the greatest war hero, and they rely on unremitting toil and strength. Being one of them is risky because every battle can become the last one. In spite of death, those who willing to stand under their banner never stops, and there are many willing to become saviors and war heroes. The Legion readily accepts anyone who is willing to go through exhausting and severe training, after that fighter obtains staunch allies, who’d stand foursquare behind him or her.


The Dynasty is a home to a combative and charismatic leader who can gather crowds of loyal followers. It has thousands of combat art schools. The pace of living is very rapid in Dynasty. They know no other way of living. That’s why warrior you meet there is elegant, swift and carry light weight weapons. The capital is known for its annual combat tournament, an event
where fighters of various fighting school can contend for fame, the pride of the school, crowds attention and for the kindness of the king.

Further, enjoys great respect from his people and the Emperor has proved the fact that in practice and wisely used shadow energy can severe the humankind’s well being. Due to this country flourished, but the Legion confused by such volatile character and mindset. Since then two factions no longer friendly with each other.


The Heralds are the mysterious faction with an unclear motto. They are often compared to a dormant volcano which can erupt at any time. Things about heralds are well understood in the Legion, who encountered heralds during a battle at Falcon’s gorge.

Heralds are well knowledged in shadow energy and shadow based technology. The Dynasty find this knowledge useful. The Emperor’s family pretend not to notice to the Herald’s roaming freely about the capital.

This Factioners rarely pull out their blades, if they do enemy is doomed. Their skills are vividly precise, deadly and quick. Thus even men at higher position or mighties prefer to avoid a hostile situation with the Heralds.


Players can acquire techniques, abilities, and equipment from winning battles, as well as from the shop and booster packs. They have different grades rare, common, legendary and epic. In addition to daily missions and quest, the game also features an online mode. Several characters from Shadow fight 2 also included in this version.


Shadow Fight 3 Android APK Free Download

You can download Shadow fight 3 android APK file from here. We will update it as soon as it releases 🙂